What payment methods do you accept and are they secure?

We accept major credit cards. We can also accept payments through PayPal. All the online payments are processed through a secure server using the latest encryption technology.

If the image I want on my wallaper is not in digital format, will I be able to get it printed?
If your image is not in digital format we recommend that you take them to the local photo shop (Kodak shop or similar) in your area and have them scanned professionally. You can then simply upload them to our website while creating your canvas.
What if I am unsure whether my image can be printed on the wallpaper in the size I want?
If you have any concerns about the quality of your image please email us those images at info@ozonewallart.com. Mention in your email the size in which you would like to get your image printed. Our designers will analyze your image and will let you know about the possibility of printing as soon as possible.
What canvas wrap is available?
There are several options for wrapping your canvas:
Gallery Wrap: The sides of the frame will be a continuation of your image.
Solid Color Wrap: The sides will be of a solid color depending on your selection.
What kind of printer and inks do you use?
All prints are produced on high quality HP printers with genuine HP inks.
How long will the wallpaper last?
Your wallpaper will last for many years to come if you take care of it properly. Make sure that you mount your wallpapers indoors and keep it away from moisture, water and dust. 
Q.  Will my  photographic wallpaper look as good as the image I sent
A.  Yes and all our customer feedback is that they look better than expected.
Q.  Can you print photos on wallpapers from an actual photo.
A.  Yes.  Just send us the photo if you do not have access to a scanner and we will scan it and let you know if it will produce a good photographic wallpaper.  No extra charge.
Q.  What if my  prints are damaged when I receive them.
A.  No problem.  If possible, advise the delivery driver.  Just send us an email with a picture of the damage or contact us within 24 hours and we will send you new wallpaper prints.  No charge.