How To Price Your Personalized Wallpaper

First of all measure the wall! Then get the square meter area, so if your wall measures 3.6m by 3.2m that  equals 11.52 square meters of wallpaper required. Please round it up to 12 sq m because we need to apply bleed - the area of overflow so that when the paper is trimmed on the wall there are no white spaces or borders. In the purchase page you select the amount of square meters you need and add the dimensions as instructions. We'll take care of the rest.
How To Order Wallpaper
Once you know your wall size measurements and therefore the square metre area, you are ready to place the order. Click on the add to cart button above. Choose the right amount of square meters and provide the exact dimensions of the wall and then you can upload images at the final stage of the process.
What You Get With Your Custom Wallpaper
Once we have your order we test the images to make sure they will print well. Then we make an installation plan for your wall. We print and cut our own rolls in any dimensions so we decide how wide the rolls are to reduce the numbers of strips to the minimum therefore reducing the splits on the well for best look and least work when being installed.
Premium Custom Wallpaper
To order our custom wallpaper please use the Contact us  page or telephone your enquiry in. We need to help you to take care with your measurements. Planning is vital and we assist you with this making a plan for you to know how to design the installation so we supply the finished photo wallpaper that actually fits. We can also make montage wallpaper.