Your pictures are not just meant to be caged within the confines of an 8×10 frame anymore. If you have photographs that you love, one in particular that moves you deeply, turn that into custom printed wallpaper and recreate the atmosphere that place came from.


Planning Printed Wallpaper
What you need to do: Use high quality images and a large file size. Use a retractable measure in metric. Measure carefully in different places on the wall and note dimensions. Multiply the width by the height to give the area in square metres. Custom Wallpaper comes on a roll and widths vary from about 80cm wide to 150cm wide depending on the print plan we devise. Just choose your photo or image and give us the dimensions of the wall and we'll do the rest keeping you fully informed.
The overall wall size is broken down into sections and wallpaper is supplied as separate drops that butt up together. The personalized photo wallpaper is hung in the same way as conventional wallpaper and full instructions will be provided with your order.
You hang it like normal wallpaper but there the similarities end. Be creative. Consider huge montages, abstract designs, newspaper cuttings, or one giant theme pictures like a beach or moon setting to create custom photo wallpaper.
Measuring needs to be done very carefully since we don't want to lose any image area on excess 'bleed' and we need to make sure your entire wall area is covered. Please measure your wall in three or four places for height and for width. This is because walls are not always perfectly square or the building may have subsided causing variation. We will print the image with only 5-10cm bleed all around from the widest or tallest measurements - so be certain you measure correctly. Call if further assistance is required.