Custom Wallpapers

Make a personalised wallpaper creation with our unique bespoke custom printed wallpaper using your own images, text, design, maps or photo collage. Montage wallpaper is a great way to liven up your walls. Use our personalised wallpaper and have it custom printed and sized for your project.

Printed Wallpaper
  • Your photos, text or design
  • Free design and planning assistance
  • Custom printed in exact size to suit wall
  • Non Shiny, Matt nubuck feel
  • Min order just 1 square metre
  • Montage wallpaper available too

Custom Printed Wallpaper

Taking photos or artwork upscale onto the entire surface of a wall with custom personalised wallpaper, will lift your room space or interior to a new level. This wall art can be an amazingly creative thing to do in your living, work or public space giving ultimate impact with any image or artwork you like or even montage wallpaper.
To do this we have an amazing photo wallpaper. A bright white premium material that has gentle nubuck feel to it and prints beautifully. It is excellent to touch and is super strong - you cannot tear it with your fingers. It is ideal for busy passageways and high traffic corridors too like hotels and universities because it won't tear or scuff even with a suitcase or trolley collision. The plaster will give way before the material will. The customised wallpaper is ideal for building and indoor architecture. 
Public spaces
Home Decor
In-store promotions and much more!

Custom wallpaper printing will transform your ordinary public or private wall space into a piece of art that captures the imagination of all who see it. Whether your objective is to create a unique mural, wall, or diorama, our graphics team will assist you in attaining your goal.